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Understanding Women’s Plus Sizes And Measurements

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Measuring Women's Plus Size Measurements

One of the most common challenges faced by curvy women today is understanding manufacturer’s measurements. Does anyone really know how women’s plus sizes actually work?

Knowing which size to choose is vital. It can determine whether a shopping trip is successful or whether a shopper will spend hours running in and out of dressing rooms only to eventually leave frustrated and empty handed.

Below is a popular chart used by many of worlds top clothing manufacturers. Though women’s plus sizes can change from store to store the measurements listed here are generally universal.

Women’s Plus Size Chart (US) 

U.S. Plus Sizes

Sizes   1X   2X   3X   4X   5X    
  14W 16W 18W 20W 22 24W 26WE 28WE 32WE    
Bust 41.5″-43″ 42.5″-45″ 44.5″-47″ 46.5″-49″ 48.5″-51″ 50.5″-53″ 52.5″-55″ 55.5″-57″ 57.5″-59″    
Waist 33.5″-35″ 34.5″-37″ 36.5″-39″ 38.5″-41.5″ 40.5″-44″ 42.5″-46.5″ 44.5″-49″ 49.5″-51.5″ 52″-54″    
Hips 44″-45.5″ 45″-47.5″ 47″-49.5″ 49″-51.5″ 51″-53.5″ 53″-55.5″ 55″-57.5″ 58″-59.5″ 60″-61.5″    

However, to use the chart properly a woman must first know her own body’s measurements. To collect accurate and precise measurements it is important to use a cloth or seamstresses tape measure and to keep the tape tight when reading the end result.
Here are some additional tips to consider when measuring for women’s plus sizes;

Stand up tall and try not to look down or slouch in the shoulders. These changes in posture can effect the final measurement and could lead to ill-fitting clothes.

When measuring the bust make sure to position the tape around the shoulder blades. If the tape is too low on the back it may result in an inaccurate and larger measurement.

Most women’s plus sizes in pants and skirts are based on the body’s natural waist. When positioning the measuring tape make sure it is snug and not too low. For most women, the natural waist is near or just below their belly button.

Make sure to collect measurement while nude or while wearing light, loose-fitting clothing. Wearing bulky tops and bottoms will add unnecessary inches.

Before heading to the check out, make sure to ask for a recent manufacturer’s measurement chart. Though women’s plus sizes tend to remain the same for years, checking twice could help save both time and money.

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2 Responses to “Understanding Women’s Plus Sizes And Measurements”
  1. Lois Willand says:

    Has there been a change in women’s sizes? Some companies whose size 2X clothing used to fit me perfectly now are way too big. And I don’t think it’s my body, which I think is the same.
    I also don’t like when companies make a size that is supposed to fit 2 sizes (2X and 3X combined.) It’s getting so I no longer trust the catalogs for buying my clothing.

  2. admin says:

    I too find that sizes that are combined just don’t work and really don’t fit right. In regards to sizes changing, personally I find that each designer has their own sizing so it pays to check out online retailers own measurement charts to ensure that you get a proper fit.

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