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Top 5 Women Plus Size Undergarment Essentials

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Whether wearing plus sizes or petite sized clothing, it is often what is underneath that makes all the difference. Below is a list of the four most essential pieces of women plus size undergarments and what each can do to improve anything from formal evening gowns to a favourite pair of jeans.

Slimming Body Suit: Similar to a bathing suit, these slimming and figure trimming undergarments are certainly an essential for any plus size woman who wears gowns and dresses often. Comfortable and breathable, bodysuits can lift and tuck and slim most of the body’s mid-section. These affordable products are very popular with new moms to control and hide post-baby bumps. Body suits can be found at most large department stores as well as specialty lingerie shops.

Spanx Products: This revolutionary product has received a lot of attention lately and rightfully so! These comfortable and easy-to-wear undergarments are the perfect way to smooth the body’s lines and improve the fit of all clothing from dresses to trousers. Available in a variety of styles and skin tones, Spanx products are definitely one of the most important women plus size undergarment essentials!

Control Top Panty Hose: This product is not new or hard to find. Control top pantyhose are readily available through most department stores and can be purchased for very little money. However, do not think that because they are accessible and cheap that they are not effective! These simple undergarments can do a lot for a lady’s legs, thighs and buttocks! Available in tradition skin tones as well as fun designs such as fishnets and basket-weave, control top pantyhose are simply a must-have for any woman.

24 Hour Bra: A recent study showed that more than half the women in North America wear a bra that does not fit properly. When it comes to women plus size essentials, a bra which fits properly is definitely at the top of the list. Some key points to remember are that the section of fabric between the two cups should lie flat against the body and both the shoulder straps and back straps should not dig into or pinch the skin.  Full figured ladies may want to consider specialty brands of bras which are made to fit large bust lines and are complete with wider adjustable straps, comfort lining and multiple clasps. The right bra can change the look and fit of all types of tops from blouses to sweaters to jackets and vests!

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