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Plus Size Suits: Finding A Flattering Cut For Your Figure

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Owning a fashionable and flattering suit is essential. Whether you are a hardworking professional or a stay at home mom, having one tried and trusted suit for work, occasions and appointments is important. However, when searching for plus size suits, not all styles and fits are created equal. Finding a suit which flatters a fuller, curvier figure can seem impossible, but the truth is suits come in so many sizes, styles and shapes that the true challenge is knowing which is right for you and your body type.

The following are the three most common styles of plus size suits and a brief description of how each suit can bring out the best or worst for fuller figured women.

Blazer and Pencil Skirt

This is a very popular choice with women who, though professional and independent enjoy dressing to show their femininity. However, pencil skirts and blazer combinations are not for everyone. To be worn properly a pencil skirt should fall just below the knee and sit on a women’s natural waist. This can be difficult for women who are larger in the hips and thighs and have what is referred to a “pear shape.” On the other hand, a well tailored pencil skirt and blazer can do wonders for women who are fuller in the bust and broader in the shoulders. This plus size suit combination can make the waist appear thinner and can help to “break up” a silhouette. If you feel that a blazer and pencil skirt is right for you have a look for separates which can be used to create other casual or more formal outfits.

Classic Pant Suit

Women’s pantsuits became all of the rage in the late 1980s. And fortunately for women everywhere have remained popular but have undoubtedly improved (think oversized shoulder pads). These plus size suits are a great alternative for fuller figured women who are tired of traditional formal attire such as dresses and skirts. They are also a great wardrobe addition for any lady who finds herself working in a less casual office environment. Pantsuits are flattering on almost any body type including those which are considered plus sized. The only important point to keep in mind is the fit and cut of the pants. If you are a larger woman, try to avoid slender fit slacks and instead search for a pantsuit which includes wide, straight-legged trousers.

Mix and Match Separates

When trying on plus size suits it is quite common for curvy women to become frustrated by the fit and sizing. Many will find that one of the suit coordinates will fit, while the other does not. For example, many women who are fuller in the bust will struggle to find a suit which includes a larger blazer, but smaller sized skirt. This is why for some women, the best choice when purchasing plus size suits is to not purchase a suit at all. But instead buy an assortment of separates which can be combined to make suit-like attire and alternatives. For example, a fuller figured woman may have more luck finding a neutral, tweed blazer, a classic pin-striped dress shirt, a simple a-lined skirt and a pair of flattering slacks than an existing suit set.

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