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What Shape Is Your Plus Size Figure?

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With so many designers starting to create fashions geared to the full figured woman, knowing what your shape is allows you to fill your wardrobe with outfits that will beautifully flatter your curves. Even though there are many women with a plus size figure not everyone is created equal so knowing which of the four basic plus size shapes your body falls into will help you select appropriate clothing that accentuates your body’s positive features while minimizing your body’s flaws.

Round Shape

When you measure equally in size throughout the bust, waist and hips this gives you a round appearance. Beautifully shaped arms and thighs are your best features though you may struggle with your tummy area and lack of waistline. Finding the right clothing will de-emphasize this trouble spot while giving the appearance of a curving waist.

Triangle Shape

When you have a triangle shape you are heavier throughout your bottom with a smaller upper body. One of your best assets is your well-defined waistline so make sure that you draw attention to that when building your wardrobe. As your lower body is larger than your upper half you will need to create balance in your proportions by drawing the eye upwards.

Inverted Triangle Shape

With the inverted triangle you are wider across the shoulders and bust while tapering into smaller hips and derriere. Often you are large chested with all your curves up top  rather than on your lower half.  While having small hips and legs gives you unlimited options when it comes to dressing your lower half, you will need to be careful to balance  your top by defining your waist and softening your shoulders so as not to appear top heavy. 

Hourglass Shape

Most woman dream of having the luscious full curves that define the hourglass figure. Your shoulders and hips are even in width with a defined waist giving you a sexy silhouette. While you may struggle with your tummy area your shape is still the easiest one to  find clothes that positively accent your beautiful curves.

By knowing exactly what your body shape is you can then find the right style of clothing that will accentuate your plus size figure’s assets while minimizing the negatives. While many women wear the wrong clothes for their body type, all women nowadays can find fashionable clothes which will emphasize the right curves!

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