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Where To Find Clothes For Large Women

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As a plus size woman, shopping for clothes for large women used to mean that you were relegated to the dingy back racks of regular sized stores where you hoped to find something that fit and looked moderately appealing.

Lucky for us, nowadays you no longer need to wear shapeless muumuu dresses or elastic waisted pants, that though they fit, they did nothing to flatter or enhance your shape. According to some statistics it is estimated that approximately 56 percent of women in the United States wear size 14 or larger which has meant that many more designers are starting to create clothes for large women. With more fashion lines that cater to these sizes, we are now starting to see far more selection and fashionable trend options for the plus size women.

It is estimated that approximately 56 percent of women in the US wear size 14 or larger.

Nowadays there are many different stores that actually only cater to the plus size woman making shopping easier when you are looking for clothes for large women. With many different retailers, you can either shop locally or buy plus size clothing online so whether you are looking for a new plus size top or a new party dress for a special night out, you now can find fashionable plus size clothing for any occasion.

Where To Find  Clothes For Large Women

Local Plus Size Stores

When choosing a retailer to buy plus size clothing from, you can shop locally as there are a few 14+ chain stores such as Lane Bryant or Torrid both of which have trendy plus size clothes whether you are looking from some new casual wear or need a new outfit for the office. Often you will find that the stores that cater only to plus size women actually only hire women that are plus size themselves which makes it much more comfortable to ask questions or ask for help with sizing.

Secondhand or Consignment Stores

Don’t be afraid to check out consignment stores as often you can find clothes much cheaper that are still in fashion. This is a fantastic option for those that are on a budget or like to find unique pieces that aren’t as readible accessible. If you do choose to shop at a second-hand or consignment stores do be sure to check for any flaws or tears in the clothing as often there is a no return policy once you purchase.

Online  Plus Size Retailers

While shopping locally is probably the most preferred option, often there isn’t as much vareity in clothing or even the right sizes for you. What makes shopping online great is that you can ‘window’ shop different plus size retailers all from the comfort of your home while accessing much more variety in clothing options.

As you can see shopping for clothes for large women no longer means that you are limited to dowdy, shapeless clothing though you have a plus size figure. Don’t be afraid to find clothing that fits your curves and flatters your shape.

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2 Responses to “Where To Find Clothes For Large Women”
  1. Stacey says:

    It’s so hard to find an online store that caters to your correct size. Either they run too small or too big.
    I’m still hoping that I can find one that is right for me.

  2. Sally says:

    I’m a newly large woman who spent her entire life being small and petite. I only recently packed on 40 pounds of fat and now weear 16W size clothing and a size 40D bra. While I’m thrilled with the larger breasts, I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of living in a plus sized body. I doubt if I will ever lose the weight I gained so I want to learn to live as a plus sized woman and find nice clothing that will flatter my newly plus sized body. I’m working hard at being OK with my new size and trying to learn how to love it. I’m just so new to all of this that I need help learning how to be this size, find clothing and love the new large me. I want to find pretty plus sized lingerie, clothing, swimwear and other plus sizes that look great on me. Any of you who have more experience than me in being plus sized, please help this newly large lady to love her life in the plus size lane.

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