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Where To Buy Plus Size Jeans That Flatter Your Curves

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Every woman, whether a size 6 or size 18 needs to have a pair of jeans that fit and flatters her curves. As plus size women, looking for jeans can be a frustrating experience however nowadays there are many designers that are starting to cater to the larger woman, making it easier to buy plus size jeans. Here are some of my favorite brands of jeans that accentuate all of the right assets:

Silver Jeans

buy plus size jeansOne of my favorite brand of plus size jeans is Silver Jeans. This family-run company has been around since 1991 and focuses on three elements to ensure a classic style of jeans:   fit, fabric, & finish. I like to buy plus size jeans that are trendy and look like regular sized jeans which can be hard to find when out shopping for plus size fashionable jeans which Silver has got covered. Marketed as a mid-level premium jean it has styles with contemporary distressing and stiching on the pockets making them perfect for fashion-saavy but cost-conscious curvy divas!

Avenue Jeans

Avenue has a great selection of women’s plus size jeans whether you are looking for trouser jeans for the office or just a new pair of boyfriend-style jeans for casual wear. Probably one of the most varied selection of styles along with great prices ranging from $30-60 Avenue has some great clothing options for sizes 14 to 32.


baby phat jeansWhile I am more of a boot cut and flare kind of girl, I do think that BabyPhat has a flattering variety of skinny jeans that fit a curvy bod whether you are looking for their hip-hugging signature jeans or a sexy pair of their trend-setting trouser jeans with studs and embellishments. Baby Phat’s can be recongizned by its famous feline logo, and is espeically loved by those who like their jeans snug and slim fitting. BabyPhat has a loyal following who love how their jeans fit their curvy body.

Apple Bottoms Jeans

apple bottoms jeansAnother plus size retailer that caters to curvy girls, Apple Bottoms was the mastermind of superstar Nelly which saw the need for trendy, fashionable jeans that flatter the curves. Similiar to BabyPhat, they also offer a varied selection of skinny jeans however they are embellished with a little bit more bling than BabyPhat. You can find different washes and distressing along with their signature apple pockets which feature rhinestone and stud embellishments making this one store that has the curvy girl covered. 

A woman should not try to fit the clothes; the clothes should fit the woman! ~ Nelly

When you choose to buy plus size jeans, you need to make sure to pick out what style of jeans looks best on you. Here are a few tips to help you get the best fit for your body shape:

  • Choose a darker color of wash for your jeans which will visually give you a slimmer silhouette.
  • Choose a flattering rise whether it is low, mid or high for your body shape.
  • When choosing your jeans, make sure that any embellishements, pockets or accents adds to your silhouette rather than making you appear larger than you actually are.
  • Make sure that the waistline of the jeans fits so that there is no unneccessary gap or exposed underwear.
  • When you buy plus size jeans with Lycra, make sure you get a pair that is snug fitting to account for any relaxing of the denim as the day progresses.
  • Make sure that the yoke and the pockets in the back of your jeans goes up in v-shape as it will visually draw the eye up rather than across which can make your butt look bigger.

Statistics show that many women wear jeans as many as 4 times per week which goes to show you when you buy plus size jeans, you want to make sure you have the most flattering cut for your shape as well as a mixed variety of styles to complement different situations . Make sure to check out these different clothing store brands the next time you need to go jean shopping!

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